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Aging and Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs and Cats

Cats and dogs suffer from similar brain aging changes as humans and can also develop dementia similar to Alzheimer’s disease. However, aging animals may show behavior changes from treatable conditions. Even brain aging and dementia can be temporarily reversed or slowed with proper interventions. Pet owners should discuss any changes in activity or behavior that they see in their pets with the veterinarian immediately as early intervention is much more successful in improving the animal’s quality of life.

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Is your dog afraid of stairs?

A recent episode of a television program showed a self proclaimed dog behavior expert treating a dog afraid of stairs by dragging the dog up and down the stairs.  This type of forcible approach is not condoned by educated behavior professionals.  Check out our Facebook page to watch videos using a humane approach to dealing with fear of stairs.

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When to Start Puppy Training

Puppies begin learning long before you bring them to their new home. They continue to learn every day from every interaction with you and their environment whether you specifically train them or not. Considering this, it becomes apparent how important it is to provide suitable structure and training from the start to prevent your new puppy from learning the wrong lessons.

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