Testimonials from clients with horses



Bessie-horse behavior, horse body language, positive reinforcement, clicker training, crop hitting, lame horse, equine behavior problem.

I would highly recommend Lore Haug to train any animal I owned, knowing that she uses a safe, non-aggressive approach to “enhance animal behavior” so that humans and animals can co-exist in harmony.  I say this because she has helped me so much with my horse, Bessie.  I am new to horse ownership, but anyone who owns a horse, whether it’s been for 3 months or over 10 years, would benefit from the training techniques Dr. Haug uses. Understanding horse behavior and language has been a challenge for me and from what I have witness of others and their horses, it is a challenge for a lot of us.  Dr. Haug is a proponent of positive reinforcement (e.g. clicker training”) which really unlocks the door to learning in the animals.  I would not want to be hit with a crop or yelled at and I’m sure my horse doesn’t either.  Dr. Haug has helped me understand why my horse behaves the way she does.  I feel that every time I go out to the barn Bessie and I learn something new and exciting.  Since Dr. Haug is also a veterinarian she was able to see a slight lameness in my horse that one else had pick up on before. She is very passionate about her work with animals and I would recommend her to any horse owner and lover that wants to find ways to cure equine behavioral problems or just wants a better relationship with their horse. 


Chisholm and Trinity- senior rescue horse, clicker training, confident horse, horsewoman, companion issues.

Dr. Haug is a highly skilled veterinarian and trustworthy professional that can help with any animal companion issues you might be having. Her safe and intellectual approach to training and addressing behavior issues benefit any animal she works with. The work she has done with Chisholm, my senior rescue horse, has changed both of us for the better. Positive reinforcement (i.e. Clicker training) has challenged Chisholm and I, and transformed my horse into a more confident, trusting companion. Her veterinary skill set allows for a solid evaluation of both the physical and mental state of any animal. As an amateur horsewoman and owner, I have enjoyed the lessons she taught, and she broadened my knowledge of horses as well as their basic psychology, helping me keep Chisholm happy and healthy. I finally understand Chisholm’s behavior and feel equipped to shape the behavior I want. Her love for animals and determination to leave them better than she found them makes her an excellent behaviorist and someone I would highly recommend to those looking to learn and fix companion issues.