Testimonials from our clients with cats



Gigi and Cindy- aggressive stalking cat, veterinary behaviorist house call

I adopted Gigi about six years ago from a shelter and fell in love. I knew the instant she kneaded on my neck and nuzzled in my ear that she would make my new home complete. From a young kitten, she often showed little tolerance for others. But she had not actively and aggressively stalked anyone. Something about our interaction one particular day caused her to snap. It was a day when the apple of my eye turned on me and began to behave aggressively and stalk me (and my friends).

I was in shock and desperate to help her. A few suggested that I put her down, that her aggression would return and I should not be fearful in my own home.

Two independent vets recommended Dr. Haug. I was desperate and willing to try anything. It was the most important call I had ever made.

We scheduled a house call because I did not want escalate her anxiety and did not think I would be able to crate her. Dr. Haug was amazing! She worked extensively with me on how to deal with her aggression. After repetition of her techniques, and learning how I can react more conducive to de-escalating her aggression, Gigi’s improvement has been nothing short of a miracle!

Reaching out to Dr. Haug was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She saved my baby and helped us work through a very challenging time. Dr. Haug often emailed to check on her progress and help me alter my responses as needed. She helped us every step of the way to help Gigi achieve a happy, healthy state of mind!

With sincere gratitude,


sugar cookie

Sugar Cookie is doing great.  We haven’t had any attacks for months.  We’ve had a few close calls (two or three) when we were rushing out of the house in the morning and didn’t have enough time to play hard…but that was our fault!  Sugar has his own fish tank in the kitchen.  I’ve attached a picture of him watching his fish.  He also likes to be carried around the house and even take naps with us on the sofa.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!



We’ve completed our litter preference test and Java still hasn’t had any accidents since we took your suggestions. She clearly prefers clay litter to the natural litter and after daily litter cleanings so do I. The natural litter had a much stronger smell and more dust. As the days progressed it became moist. I had to throw it out a couple nights ago, so since then Java has been down to one litter box with the Tidy Cats Premium Scoop for Multiple Cats Small Spaces. We’ve been playing daily. My parents and I went to the annual cat show last weekend and they bought her a Hot Cats cat nip toy that she’s really enjoying. As you know, she loves rubbing on cat nip toys. Thank you so much for restoring calm to our household and reconnecting us. Very well worth it. I’m impressed at how such minor changes have made such a big difference.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!